George Iskef

Programmer & Digital Marketer

George Iskef

Programmer & Digital Marketer

I have a degree in informatics and a master’s degree in business administration. With a long-term experience in web development and digital marketing, I can help you boost your business. Having worked on some of the largest financial projects in the Nordic region, and globally leading projects in e-commerce, I am now here to consult and advise your business.

My Services

I will offer you a competitive package that promises new customers and reoccurring customer engagement.

Creative Content

I offer services in creative content writing, branding, and engaging visuals. The team collaboratives are highly efficient and skilled in communicating with customers.

Digital Marketing​

I offer you a competitive package of services. I can help you with advertising on search engines as well as social network while cross channeling data and targeting between the two.

Web Development

I will build you very fast and responsive websites. The website that I build can offer any type of service for all sorts of businesses and are highly optimized for SEO

My Portofolio

Ginx Media

Ginx Media is a digital agency that has helped a lot of local businesses improve their reputation and in advance their revenew.

Ginx logo


Vitvätt is an innovative laundry business that offers subscription based laundring services. Its customers cann donwload their app and enjoy a smooth experience.

Caterlinks is an innovative business that offers a subscription based model for its customers. They have B2B packages that companies can use as an employee benefit.


We help you fillter out the best loan providers and insurance companies based on your criteria. We feature a very large range of different options and the most popular choices in the scandinavian market.


The Global Journal

The Global Journal is a free to read blog that will keep you updated with the lates news. It reports on a large range of topics.

The Global Journal

Car Gadget is a web shop that inspires to bring the most usefull and inovative solutions for your car. We offer a very competitive product.


About Me

”I will help you build marketing strategies of lasting value”
Make your projects a reality. Some times people get stuck on their way to success. Your idea is not bad. Your idea is simply on polished enough. That’s where I come in to help you. Let me lend you a hand and work with you on expanding your business to the next stage.


John Doe

I am happy to recommend George Iskef. George is a very bright man that takes initiative and is constantly looking for ways to grow. He has been practicing SEO for about two years, and I’m sure he will have a bright future ahead of him!

Jenna Smith

George has helped me a lot with setting up my business and driving in clients. I am confident in his abilities to be help business owners with their dream. He has given me a lot insightful strategies. I hope he does the same for you one day.

Samuel Stevens

It has been an honor working with a bright man like George. He appreciates people for who they are and tries to make the best out of every situation. He is patient and will guide you through the prosses step by step.


Monday – Friday 10am – 5pm

Sweden, Västerås

Gideonbergsgatan 4A

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